How to start solar panel business – Trend business idea 2020


The solar panel is a panel that converts solar energy into electrical energy. solar panel working generally a panel of silicon plates on which sun rays are emitted and it produces electricity from it. This business is going to be a major change in India because it is consumer-friendly and free of pollution so people are looking for applying for this panel to be applied on their rooftops [solar panel roof]. These days’ electricity boards are targeting to make the use of natural energy and make India using a more regenerative source of energy.

About of solar panel business

franchise of the solar panel providing company and selling it to the consumers of the electricity and with the permission of the state electricity boards. The other one way of earning from this business is that you don’t need to have franchise of solar panel but you need to contact the franchise owner in your local area and make a deal with them that if you provide them customers they will pay off you good amount, as there is less competition but you can earn up to 2k per 2kw of connection for referring someone to purchase it from them. Solar panel is sold at the unit of kilowatts so you will get paid per kw of capacity panel.
The best thing about solar panel business is you need no investment in this business all you need to do is contact local solar panel provider and make a deal with them, so there are no requirements for this business except some contacts of panel provider.
You need to promote your details for contact to the consumers of the electricity so that they can contact you for the installing of the solar panel. You can do this by many ways like print a visiting card and give it to the person who is going to distribute the bills at the consumer’s home and pay them some amount for promoting your cards to the consumers. The most common way to promote this is by promoting it on social media. As the consumer calls you for the panel installing you need to contact panel provider and they will pay you per unit of panel.
Government has approved some amount of solar panel subsidy to the consumers who applies for solar panel. For the amount of subsidy, you need to contact your local electricity provider boards so there are more consumers who would prefer this panel, so there is benefit for both the consumers and the solar panel provider company.

5 step to set up solar panel business

So here are few steps from the given information that how to start a solar panel business.


      1]. Contact the local electricity provider and gather the contact info of solar panel provider       company/person and know solar panel price.
·         2]. Make a deal with them for the referring the panel.
·         3]. Contact the consumers of electricity and bill distributors.
·         4]. Marketing of your details for solar panel.


How to start a solar product business.


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