How to start garba class – Make money Through Garba Class

Garba is a very popular and traditional dance of Gujarat. Generally, it is played at the festival of Navratri and weddings. There is a good market for those who want to make money through the Garba class. There is no or minimal investment in this business, and people are really looking for the classes to learn this traditional dance steps. You can earn thousands in just a few months. A recent trend shows that there is an equally good market as the classical dance and aerobics class for the people who are looking to make money.

Set up Garba Class  Business

For this business to start you need no special skills it is not necessary that you must know the garba steps. If you know garba then it would be great but if you don’t know then you can find someone who plays it well and pay them for teaching.
You need to find an open place or a hall where the students can accommodate and practice.
Then you will require a good music system to play the new gujarati garba and songs, if you find a hall with music system then it will be good for you but you can use external systems as well.
If the location of your class is nearer to residencies and you are willing to open it to late night, then you need to have permission of playing music of your city corporation office.
One most important thing you need to do for this business is marketing of your classes. There are any ways that you can promote your business like newspapers, you can apply banners of your classes to promote it where there is more movement of youth is available. You can use digital platform for promoting your classes because these days there is almost all youth are on social media and connected digitally so you can promote it on google map by registering your classes on google map so people can catch you just by googling garba class near me.
There are many benefits for setting up this business because there is very less competition in the market there and another reason is that people are really looking for learning this steps because of their busy schedule they don’t have time to learn it by their own. There is very low investment and higher profit as the major expense will only be in paying a teacher and a rent of a place. You can charge your students depending upon your city and market there. The time you need to give to this business is only few hours a day.
5 step to garba class business
Here are few steps derived from the given information to start garba classes.
·    1. Find a good location or class for practice.
·    2. A good teacher who could teach garba steps.
·    3. Set up a music system with good quality of sound.
·    4. Collection of old and new garba songs with different variety.

·    5. Promote your classes through different ways.

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