How to start fast food cafe business – Top number Business

This is One of the most Profitable and long term business you can ever start because the love for fast food is increasing day by day, especially in Gujarat. In recent days due to the trend of cafe food or fast food Restaurants in College Students or IT firms, it can give more earnings through it. In these days because of the busy schedules of Public they prefer this kind of food. You can even take some franchise ownership too and start with their name. So here is how to start a food cafe.

Fast food cafe business

This is a business that always aims at the top number. then you can research in the market in all other cities and start in your city.this business has 60% profit. and there is also a normal investment against. if you invest in fast food chains then you have to more invest. but the point of keeping in mind is that you should also take into account the quality of food with quantity with fast food rest.

8 step to set up fast food cafe business

1]. First and the Most important thing to keep in mind is the lactation of Cafe.This business 90% depended on this factor that how you choose the location for the cafe. In these days the best audience or consumers which is habituated with this food is Youth (Students). So the best way to decide the location is it should be nearer to the college or a place where there is rush of students and movements of people is more. Second place is closer to IT firm as they are having shortage of time they prefer going to fast food cafes generally.
2]. Another thing which is as important as the first one is QUALITY and QUANTITY of Food. People only prefers to go to the places where quality of food is Best so if the quality is good then promotion of your cafe will automatically be done by your Costumers.
3]. One of the Requirements for this business to start is a good cook, the cook should be capable of making the recipe as tasty as possible and he/she should have the knowledge of food.

4]. A set up of Sitting arrangements, it should be comfortable and clean place where people love to spend time.

5]. Maybe you could provide discount initially. It could get you regular customers and your business will take off. You could  set-up a hot-spot. College students are always attracted by Free wi-fi’s.

6]. The list of variety of food you serve there, it is depend on which area you are location the cafe is because the menu you decide is the factor that affects the customers in your cafe.

7]. You need to have licence for cafe, there are two kind of licence one is state level and another is Central level. It only approves when your quality of food is good.

8]. Then very important step is Promoting your cafe or marketing. You could do it very well with the use of social media and by registering on Google maps so people from outside come to know about it.


Few Steps to set up a Fast food Cafe.

1) Select the location considering the factors described above.

2) Decide the the food which you want to provide to your customers. (Fast food list)

    fast food menu card.

3) Find a good cook.
4) Arrange a good Set up of Sitting arrangements and Kitchen.
5) Food Licence
6) Offer Good Quality and Quantity of food.
7) Good service and offers.

8) Promote your cafe.

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