How to start cyber cafe business – Make Money with Internet

Cybercafe is the place where people pay for using internet access, a place with computer and internet connectivity. Generally, payment is being levied on a time basis. In the cyber cafe business idea, you can earn thousands in a day. In these cafes, several computers are connected via LAN with each other. The connected computers are custom assembled for gameplay, supporting popular multiplayer games.

Requirements of cyber cafe business

The requirements for this idea, 

Computers – You need 3 or more computers with good processor and RAM. keyboards and mouse of good quality company.
Internet Connection – You need a broadband connection for internet access. many companies are available in the market but you should be select the best in this and should be check services.  
Office – A Shop or a Separate room for this setup, Printer, AC(optional), etc.
Location – The location of your cafe should be near to the Schools, colleges means where  the students are generally available.
Marketing – One most important thing is the marketing of cybercafe.this is the key point in this business you need to promote it widely to your network through Social media or pamphlets or newspapers, etc. In this business you can promote it with google map you just need to map the location of your cybercafe and it will be promoted as people searches cyber cafe near me it shows your place. Most of the cafes are lacking with electrical outlets so it is to be taken in to account while starting a new cyber cafe. one thing to keep in mind before you go for it is you need to have a record of all of your customers who are visiting you for the internet access you must have the photocopies of their identities and a record with date and time of each customer this is because of some terrorism activities and fraud may take place. So this is basics you need to start a cyber cafe.
Privacy – Privacy of the customer is a very important thing to be considered as the cafe is holding the ID records of customers it should be protected.

5 steps to set up of cybercafe business

These are some key points to keep in mind from above information.
1].Selection of the location to Start Cybercafe.

2]. Fix the Set up with the Computers, printer and a Broadband connection.

3]. Electrical outlets.

4]. Maintain a register with id records.

5]. Promote Your place.

Benefits of cybercafe business

In this era of computers and the internet, it is a common requirement of this generation. Due to digital India project of PM Modi, this way could earn you a good profit. In these days the students generally look for the internet availability for their projects. 
You can provide a fund transfer facility it can give you more profit, other than that Pan Card Applications, Passport and visa services Flight ticket agents, Train tickets, and many more connected activities are there which could earn you a lot. 
Almost Govt. Examination and recruitment processes are also online so these are some reasons why you should prefer this way of earning. as the education field is unaffected by market ups and downs so cybercafe business is a good idea to make lot of money.


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