How to do Business Without Money -Co-operative Society

Meaning of Co-operative Society  

The best business method, the ecosystem builds on the commonality of the basis, by legal status
Many sufferers are united, who was given a legal formation called Co-operative Society

If all the common objects are being looted, then all those people can face a booth hoover. They say that the CO-Operative Society has been given a legal status, in which 10 or more than 10 people can join. And with this co-operator, you can increase your business.

How to do Business Without Money - Co-operative Society

Types of co-operative society :-

1] Producer co-operative – 

who wants to sell product in wholesale, but he does not have money, he does not have power. wholesale is not a machine to believe, so all those people who get such a problem, they become a juvenile, and the bank takes a Jake loan and works, and sells everything in the wholesale, who speaks, producer co-operative .

2] agriculture co-operative society

With a point of helping little makers in selling their items, these social orders are built up. The makers who wish to get sensible costs for their yield are the individuals from this general public. 
For verifying a good market for the items they dispose of the agents and improve the focused position of its individuals. It gathers the yield of individual individuals. Different advertising capacities like transportation, bundling, warehousing, and so forth are performed by the agreeable social orders to sell the item at the most ideal cost.

3] Housing co-operative society

To help individuals with constrained pay to build houses at sensible costs, these social orders are set up. Their point is to take care of the lodging issues of the individuals. An individual from this general public expects to obtain the private house at lower cost. 
They build the houses and give the alternative to individuals to pay in portions to buy the house. They develop pads or give plots to individuals on which the individuals themselves can build the houses according to their decision.

4] credit co-operative society

Credit associations are by and large part possessed money related cooperatives. Their standard is of individuals helping individuals. They give credit and money related administrations to the individuals at focused costs. Every single contributor has ideal to turn into a part. Individuals go to the yearly gathering and are offered rights to choose a governing body.

5] consumer co-operative society

These organizations are possessed and administered by buyers of the specific region for their common advantage. Their view is to give day by day important items at an ideal cost. As opposed to procuring a monetary benefit, their point is towards giving support of the shoppers.

Various types of Co-Operative Societies in India with example


In this video, Dr Vivek Bindra talks about Co-Operative society and how it helps you grow your business without investing the fortune.
He Also Explains through 5 stories, what are the various types of Co-Operative Societies in India.

Note :- You can follow Co-operative society act before start.


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