How to Become an Insurance Agent :Step By Step Guide

The process of becoming an insurance agent

1] Login to the company which is to become an agent of the company.

2] The company will ask for a registration fee which can be from 1500rs  to 2000rs .

3] Then it will send you a link in the mail, the link is for training.

4] After completing the training, you will send another link and the link is for Online exam.Then you will give exam.

5] Then you start to login to the policy and then become an insurance agent.

Advantages of Insurance Agent

At present, the need of people is insurance, because people are becoming sick, accident, and hospital and other expenses have increased, but people can not afford that money against them. It is for insurance to come useful to you.and  you get 15% to 25% you get the Commission.

Types of Insurance

1] Health Insurance

Many advantages of health insurance to make sure and know about health insurance

2] Life Insurance 

Protect loved ones. Transfer risk, provide for those we care about during and after our lifetime. so many great things that life insurance is able to insurance is less of a death topic and more of a wealth topic.

3] Travel Insurance  

It is so important to have Travel insurance on your cruise as you never know if someone in your party will fall ill before or during the cruise or need to cancel due to an unexpected situation. when booking my cruise vacations or any major travel plans i always buy travel insurance through they will give you the insurance that best fits your needs, their customer services second to none.

4]  Auto Insurance

If you have a car but not a auto insurance, under inflation can cause high heat generation, which in turn, causes tire wear, tire blowout, and potentially, the driver losing control of the vehicle. for every one-psi under the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, your fuel efficiency can decrease by 4% lets say a person drives an average of approximately 12,500 miles per year. they are potentially wasting what could be enough money to buy a brand new set of tires. that’s the reason of more benefits are car or auto insurance.

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