25 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Cost – Learn and Earn

Everyone has a dream to start their own business.there are plenty of recent trends and opportunities for starting a business. some such small business ideas can be operated from your home, in other cases, you may need to lease small premises, So Here we are with some of the new and big profit-making small business ideas in India which can be started are described. depending upon your skills, knowledge, and interest you can start with any of this idea.

List of small business ideas in India

Do you want to start a small business and earn extra money?
we have provided a list of small business ideas by explaining all details to start business.such as the necessary, profit, details, etc of this business.

1. Telemarketing

This tiny business requires almost zero investment. Telemarketing business is a direct marketing business in which a salesperson contacts prospective customers to buy products or services. 

This work can be done over telephonic contact, web conferencing, or face to face discussion. telemarketing can be done by playing prerecorded tapes programmed with auto-dialing the contacts of the customers. 

You need to have some marketing skills and a good voice for promoting the services or products over calling. Generally, it is done in two steps in the first step or call person need to determine the interest of customer and in second step salesperson motivates customers to buy products. this is a commission-based business that could earn you a good amount of income.

2. Online tuition

This is a kind of business which could earn you profit from two sides. As in this era of
computers and internet there is an increasing trend of learning online. In this you can teach
online by web conferencing and cover many centers at a time. And by promoting those
tutorials online you can earn from them too. 

There are many platforms available online for this job like tutor.com, oktutor.net, wiziq, tutor India and many more. Of you are having good teaching skills then you can make a big profit from this business. 

Some of entrance examinations like JEE, NEET courses are also done online by web conferencing. you can collaborate with this institutions working online and work with them.

3. Advertisement booking center

Nowadays it has become too easy to publish advertisement in newspapers, radio channels,
TV channels as this facility is available online. this is a good opportunity to earn a good
profit from the customer side and from the advertising side. 

There is an effortless and easy way to publish add, so this services are getting more positive reviews and getting more customer attraction. 

All you need to do is develop a website and provide category wise list of cities, newspapers or radio channels and provide secure payment getaway through which you can collect payment from customers. 

This small business idea is low budget but requires some efforts like you need to make a deal with the service providers of different advertising medias.

4. Consultancy business

Consultancy is a firm or management of consultants which gives advice on particular topic,
subject, law or business and charges for the same. 

Before you start this small business you need to have knowledge on the profession in which you want to consultant independently. 

You should get certification off the field which you are selecting. the sector in which you are
planning to start consulting should have demand in India, this can be searched by keyword
planner in google

You can work with another consultant in starting to get some experience and then jump in to that field for better growth. Then you need marketing of your field consultancy. You can also make it online as well which will help you get more customers from whole country.

5. Property dealer

This is one of the no cost small business because to start this all you need is the knowledge of real estate. This doesn’t require any license for running this business. 

You need to register your company first. Then the next important thing you need is to develop contacts. Keep watch on the properties which are on sale in your area and help buyers meet sellers.

You must have good relation with the locals of your area. you can also work with some dealers for experience and then start your own. you can earn a big amount of income from this business once you make contacts with people.this is a best small business ideas in india.

6. Blogging

There is a good scope in blogging world for the guys who want to earn from it. 

First thing you need to decide is in which domain you would like to start blogging.then decide your name of blog. Then get web hosting. 

There are many ways of making money through blogs like selling private ads, affiliate marketing, sell memberships, selling of digital products,eBooks, google Ad Sense and many more. 

There are great profit making ways through bogging. You need to have a good content in your blogs to get growth and more views. By posting on regular basis on trending topic you can get closer to your goal. Once you earn your first income from blogging it is easier to make money after that. So if you are thinking of starting a blog then go on.

7. Medicine marketing

Medicine marketing is promoting the medicine of different manufacturer to the physicians and also to direct customers. In recent years these process is started online too. The customers are getting the information online and started looking for this option.

First Requirement for this business is you need to register the pharma company then do the needful process for getting the drug license number. As there will be GST number required for this, so get it done in the name of your company. Then you will be required trademark registration number and FSSAI registration. You may take the accountant help for the GST and IT services. So these are the requirements for medicine marketing business.

There are many marketing agencies are available but still you can make a big profit out of this once get going in this field. This will require more investment at starting phase.

8. Selling old products.

Selling old products online can be a good idea to make money. For this you need to
decide that which products you want to sell. There are many platforms available online which you can select or you can make your own one.

For this work to start you need to make some investments. Select the products as there are not all the second hand items which could be sold but there are products like electronic items, vehicles clothes and many more. You can sell old clothes by involving laundry services and cleaning or removing stains and then sell it. If you wish you would sell it to your groups or in Facebook. The another thing you require is packaging and delivering services.

There are many benefits of this business. One of them is People would get the products at quite cheaper price than its original price so they would prefer to buy the things.

9. Soap making

Nowadays the soap making works are getting quite attention. Due to technological
development it has become easy to make the soap using the machines.

First thing you require is a defining the name of your brand, then obtain the necessary
licenses required for this industry, GST registration, business insurance etc. you have to hire some manpower for this and buy the machines and other utilities.

People are demanding good quality and quantity of products at possible cheaper price, if you provide some different and good products this business would earn you laces of profit per year. You can connect this business digitally by selling products online.

10. Greeting cards making

If you are good at graphics and design, there is good way to start a card making business.

For making a greeting cards there are two ways to get start with, one of them is to work for the companies who hire freelance graphics designer and the other is to start your own company and sell the card to the companies or to the direct customers. 

You need to define the customers to whom you wish to sell your product. Search in the market for the current trends and then start producing the cards. Promote your work with the help of social media and other ways of marketing. These days’ people looks for the variety in the design and graphics so this can be a good money making way.

11. Packaging business

Packaging business provides packaging of products for sale, transportation,distribution, use or storage. This small business idea is good for the creative persons.

Product needs to be well packed physical protection and visual representation. You need to have good branding packaging and environmental friendly design. you will require the manpower for this work and start up materials for this. the most important thing is the business web site which will help you grow like anything.

This business could earn money in various ways like partnership with the other companies and brands, selling it online to individual customers etc. due to increase in online shopping this might be the good idea to make profit out of it.

12. Domain dealer

Domains are used to identify one or more IP address. Domains are non-material goods, so when it is sold the only transaction is of transferring the rights to the other.

This dealer business requires deep knowledge of this field, and search different trending keywords in market. Then you can select local domains related to that key word and buy domains accordingly. Domain flipping can also earn you money but it will take time. You can sell related domains with good profit margin. You need to have computer and a good internet connection. Primary expects may include the salaries of the employee if you hire and office rent for physical office.

There are a good chances of making profit if the domain names you select has good
demand in the market.

13. Jewelry Dealer

People often buy jewelry for self, to give as gifts or to mark a special occasion, such as a birth, engagement or wedding. Because demand for jewelry purchases is increasing, becoming a jewelry dealer can be a profitable retail business to start.There are several ways to start a jewelry dealer business, no matter what your budget.

You can distribute jewelry wholesale to retailers, sell jewelry via a physical or online storefront, or sell jewelry via home. You can sell sterling silver rings, fashion, genuine gemstone or artisan jewelry. You need to get the permissions required for this business.

There is wide opportunity to earn in online jewelry dealerships,creating online platform for promoting business and selling through a website.

14. Paying Guest (PG)

Many people convert their independent houses to the paying guest accommodations for renting purpose to earn monthly income. paying guests are also called Pgs.

Turning residential in to PGs will require to take permissions from your local police station, municipal office depending upon your area. If you are planning to provide cook, dry cleaning, cleaning all, then you need to hire some workers for that job. If you are providing the house to only females, then security is required to be taken.

The students, married and unmarried working professionals, staying away from home look for comforts for living in other city. So there is good way of making money through this idea.

15. Dancing and singing classes

This can be very good field of making money while teaching dancing and singing. These both belongs to different categories. There are different categories in dance like classical, hip hop, jazz, Zumba and many more.

If you are dance instructor then you can teach the students but if not then you will have to hire someone for this job, so this is the first requirement to start this small business. Then you need a venue place to teach and practice the steps. you can also provide aerobics session with this classes as there is growing demand due to increasing health issues in the society. Also for singing classes you need a teacher only if you don’t know the singing stuffs. Depending upon the culture and trend of your city you may decide of which dance types you offer to teach.

Due to increasing trend of dance and singing on different occasions like parties,wedding, celebrations, ceremonies etc. people looks for learning the above skills as hobbies. There is wide opportunity to earn from teaching these skills.

16. Candle and Agarbatti making

Candle is nothing but wax with ignitable wick and Agarbatti is paste of charcoal or sawdust applied on thin sticks. Candles are used as a home decorate item where Agarbatti is used as it has incense power of making the mind calm and helps performing the rituals with better concentration. There is wider market for selling these tiny essentials.

Due to technological development there are machines available in the market for making these both holy products. All you need to have is these machines, raw material for this products like wax, cotton, charcoal powder, saw dust, wooden sticks, packaging materials for this products etc. you need manpower for making these products, and packaging. Then you need to promote your business to the locals and globally to earn more profit. you will have to be present in marketing of your products in social media, website and on local crafts shows.

This small business can earn you a lot if you put some hard work as well as smart work to it. The main benefit of this business is you can start it from smaller level by selling to the locals and then grow gradually.

17. Plastic recycling business

Plastic is the utility that is required in some areas with no options. It cannot be destroyed at all but it is important to use the disposals by recycling it to save our
environment. There are numerous ways of managing plastic wastes and making some products by reusing it in some manner.

There are many products that are made of recycled plastics like shampoo bottles, packing materials, trash bags, carpeting, plastic bottles used in soda, juices, and many more. you need to have a license for making plastic recycling products. Then after purchase plastic recycling equipment from the recycling equipment manufacturers, which includes different parts like plastic shredders, granulators, breakers, pre-washing systems, rinsing systems, and driers.you need to hire manpower for labor work, a place for business workshop.

The biggest benefit of this small business is that it has become a necessity to recycle plastic garbage due to bad effects on the environment. There is a good scope of making a profit out of this small business idea in India.

18. Flower plantation, farming and selling

If you love planting and gardening, you can convert your hobby to business. Flowers are the most profitable plants and could earn you a good profit.

For this business to start you need to have a tiny backyard or a farm. There are many
varieties of flowers, showpiece plants, and different plants available with which you can start. If you don’t know the farming skills, then you can hire someone with the skills of gardening. You need a platform through which you can sell the plants it can be online as well as offline. This small business may take some time initially but would earn you a big profit once get going.

There are many plants and flower pots that are used to decorate the home and people are showing their interests in making the home more decorative. So it is one of the best small business idea in India to start a business.

19. Handmade products

People are earning a lot by selling the products which are handmade, these may include arts, Jewelry, crafts, clothing, candies, paintings and it may include many food items.

The first and foremost thing you need to decide is which products you wish to make at home. Then the raw materials required for those products, if the items you select are complex then you can hire some skilled persons to do the job for you. you can do it by home or you may rent a place for this. then you will require the packaging of the products. Then to grow your sales you need to promote your products to the locals and on social media. you can do paid promotions to increase the selling.

In this way, if you have some artistic skills then you can convert your hobby into the business. and people are preferring to use handmade products rather than the other manufacturers.

20. T-shirt designing

This is a very good small business idea in India to start a new business, there are many industries, parties, groups, and institutions which use the t-shirts as a symbol of unity. There is a good opportunity to earn this business.

This business can be done in two ways, by selling the printed T-shirts, or just by selling the design or logo of the t-shirt. If you are creative and have skills in designing the logos and graphics, then it opens up an opportunity for you to make money. you need special printing machines for this job, then you can contact the institutes, some coaching center, gym for the orders. 

You may get customers from worldwide if you take your business online. you need to buy a good quality of plain t-shirts for printing. Then shipping services are needed for this. so these are all the things you need to take into account for starting this business.

21. Babysitting

Babysit means to look after a child for a short time or for a few days while the parents of the child are out. It is also called ‘sitter’, and they take care of children of all ages who need to be under supervision.

For this work to start with you need to do a course of babysitting first to know the essentials for this duty. you can earn more by this job than the other jobs. once you have completed the course of babysitting basics you need to start letting people and families about your work. You can do marketing of your services at different places and in local newspapers also you can promote it with the help of social media.

Due to the busy schedules of parents as they are working both in their family they require this kind of service as they need to go out of the station for their duties for some days, so there is a good profit for this job.

22. AC repairing and installation service

Air conditioning repairing and installation services are demanded these days. It includes new installations, fault detection, and repair services.

For this small business to start with you need repair equipment, initial capital, and qualification for this job, you can hire qualified engineers for doing this work for you. You need to promote your business by printing business cards, newspaper ads contacting real estate agencies’ government offices for the services. In starting you may provide first free service to new installations for getting customers. Provide your honest and accurate opinions to clients, this will help you get more customers. If you are planning to take your business to a big level, then start this with getting required certifications and approvals for this business. 

The speed and quality of your service are most important. You can get more clients by registering on google maps so people from your area could contact you easily.

23. Mehndi class

In Indian culture there is a holy ritual of making mehndi on different occasions like wedding and engagement.

The small business of making mehndi requires artistic skills and there are lots of ladies with these skills. There is no need to invest in this business as it can be done from home. This business is mainly depended on your customer approach, so you need to let all your friends, colleagues, family about this. If you wish you can start a web page by writing a few lines about it and get some customers online. Social media will work best for you to promote your business, as almost youth is now on social media and it becomes easy for the local public to get service from you. You can also sell the mehndi cones to the customers and make a good profit. The creativity of your art will attract more customers to you.

24. Poster designing

Poster designing is one of the finest art of making posters for a different purpose. Nowadays there are some online platforms that provide free tools for designing posters according to the requirements.

All you need is a creative mind, knowledge of using some computer software, and a
computer and you are all set to go. The poster should be easily readable from distance; the color combinations must be suitable for their purpose. you can work freelance or develop your own website of poster designing and selling. People charge a good amount for designing posters, in this business you need to be different from all the designers. You should make your own art rather than copying from the internet. then the last thing you need to do is marketing your business, this would help you getting orders worldwide and make you earn profit in other currencies.

25. Book writing (eBook)

There are laces of books published each year in this world some of them are online and offline as well. There are increasing readers of books in the digital world.

This small business idea is for you if you are fond of reading and writing books. you need to decide the purpose of writing a book to start with because a strong purpose will lead you to great thoughts. Then decide the topic or field you want to write on. decide your customers to whom you are targeting this book to read. this is a long term business and it is going to take time but this could earn you a big profit once got registered online. by adding these books accessible online in the form of eBooks will earn you outstanding profit. you can also work as a freelancer for writing the books for others.

The people are fond of reading the online articles and eBooks so there is an
opportunity to earn as per the trend.

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