25 Small Business Ideas in India for Women – You can Start from Home

A woman Entrepreneur is an individual who plays an important role to fulfill her personal requirements and becoming financially self-sufficient. Women empowerment has played a very important role in India so they are getting encouragement for working and perusing their passion. Now women can work from home by implementing any of these small business ideas in India for women, make a good profit, and if stick to these ideas then they can take a step forward being an entrepreneur. So here are some business ideas given especially for women who want to work from home, utilize their time, and earn some income.

List of Small Business Ideas in India for Women



1. Beauty parlor

Running a beauty parlor is one of the most popular and good profit-making businesses especially for women. There is no need to rent a shop as it could be started at home. On any occasion like a party or wedding, women visit beauty parlor for the perfect look. So there is a good opportunity to earn while providing various services like hair cutting, facial, bleaching, waxing, threading, and many more.

2. Sewing business

This is a skill-based work, if you know the simple sewing technique then you can earn profit by this idea. There are many wholesalers are there who generally pay a good amount for sewing dresses, shirts, etc. you can also provide repair services to the locals. So if you enjoy sewing this could give you profit with joy. 

3. Cooking teacher

Cooking is the most common skill especially women have. You can utilize your skill and teach others cooking by becoming a cooking teacher. These days’ people are craving for varieties of food you can earn profit with little or no investment by teaching them.

4. Handmade products selling

This could be a new thing to some of you as this work involves selling of products which are handmade like gift, cards, paper arts, paintings, glass paintings, model made up of turmoil or thick papers, toys, candles, wooden arts, etc. you can make these things and sell it online or to the gift shops, this idea can give you profit by enjoying your own work. 

5. Consultancy 

Consultancy is a service that gives expert advice within a particular field. so you can start if you are having deep knowledge in a particular field or subject, these days’ people search for consultancy services in placement field, relationships, business, will power and many others. This could give you a good amount of income.

6. Travel agent

The travel and tourism industry is a very popular and growing industry in India. Women at home can start this work. If the work going well then you can apply for the government of India approved travel agent. Working with this idea can give you good profit at little or no investment.

7. Online selling

This business is growing like anything these days as it requires low investments with a good amount of profit and it is a home-based business. Amazon is providing a good platform for selling products so you can partner with Amazon. Or you can select products to sell then build an eCommerce website and upload your products to start selling.

8. Catering business

For ladies, this business could be a good opportunity to work from home. These days due to busy schedules, there is an increasing demand of tiffin boxes to be made and delivered to the schools, shops, offices. If cooking is your hobby you may enjoy this work and make a good profit out of this business.

9. Event planning

event planning
This idea will work well for you if you used to plan farewells or fresher parties. People are looking to make the celebrations, ceremonies, parties more attractive and enjoyable so there are requirements for an organizer or event planner. This work requires planning the costing of all the expenses and manage the services. This can be a good earning option from home.

10. Writing contents

If writing is your hobby this one would work best for you. you can earn sufficient from writing for other blogs in India. You’re earning from this work is depended on your experience, ability to gather content. You can register on several websites available there which would provide you customers matching your criteria.

11. Clothing business

For this business to start with you can purchase different varieties of traditional wears and rent the same. This is the best way to earn from home for ladies, there is the investment required for this business to start but by the time you can earn from this. You can also sell the fabric, clothes, garments, sarees, etc. click here

12.YouTube channel 

This is the best way to earn from home as well. Youtube pays you for your videos as per ad views 
So if you are good at something or even your hobby you can promote it on youtube and get paid per thousand views of ads on youTube. You can make educational, entertaining videos and many more.

13. Personal assistant

A personal assistant is self-employed and provides administration support from home to their businesses, this stuff is increasing in today’s era. No investment required and you can earn from part-time and home-based work. You can utilize your professional skills for this job.

14. Tuition class 

This is one of the best ideas for women at home to work for. Nowadays parents are looking for a private tutor for their children due to their busy schedules. This can be a good way for ladies at home to provide tuition to the students around the society and earn from it. 

15. Handloom business

A handloom is a machine for weaving cloth which is operated by hand or foot power. In today’s world, this sector is providing employment to a very large society in India. So this may be a good chance for ladies to work from home as it requires some easy skills which can be learned with the help of the internet. 

16. Fitness center

In this fast-moving generations health should be the first priority to work more efficiently and full of energy, for that everyone needs to be fit. So this idea of a fitness center could earn you a big profit. Providing yoga, aerobics, exercising and meditation training can not only make you fit but it would give you an opportunity to earn from this.

17. Blogging

If you are good at computers and writings, you may find this business a good profitable one. All you need is a computer and some time, you can start blogging on your own creating a website of a trending topic and blogging on it regularly. It may take some time but once started it can earn you a good amount of income at home.

18. Jewelry making

Jewelry making business is one of the businesses with a great profit margin. You can set up this at home. Decide the Jewelry you want to make the search for the patterns and go on. You can sell it online as well as offline to the wholesalers and retailers. You can tie up with some shops or can also sell to your society by advertising it.

19. Music class

If music playing is your hobby and you have knowledge of playing guitar, keyboard, harmonium, flute, or any other instruments you can make your hobby into your business. Especially youth is attracted to the music playing. You can also be a music teacher by profession if you pass some exams.

20. Daycare services

In most families both the parents are working, this culture has increased the requirements for the daycare services. Both the parents are working so they need someone who provides a safe and good place for their children. Parents are ready to provide a good amount of money for this gentle work. In this business safety is the priority.

21. Homemade food products

Homemade food is gaining more attractions in these days as the quality of outside food is worsening. You can make simple items like khakhra, achar, papad, and many more napkin items and sell it at your place or you can contact the ration store which will sell your products at some margin. This would be a good profitable business if done for the long term.

22. Data entry work

If you have less spare time with your schedule but still want to pursue something, then data entry work is the best option to be selected. This is available online and offline as well, you need to keep eye on newspapers because Ads are given for this kind of work and it can be searched online on some websites.

23. Hair salon

This business requires some skills of haircutting, but it’s possible to train yourself first and then go for this job. This could earn you remarkable earning as the people are spending a lot on these things. You can start it at your home first and then you can expand it to the next level once working in the full flange.  

24. Gardening business

Home gardening is a business in which you need to have a garden in which you plant and grow the flowers and showpiece plants. This is environmental friendly work, you can make it a profession by promoting it to society and selling the plants and provide professional gardening tips to them.

25. Graphics and designing work

If you are good at designing and you have knowledge of some software, then you can make good use of your time and earn a profit. Designing of visiting cards, invitation cards, photos, logos, brochure, etc. you may get paid a good amount depending upon your creativity and knowledge. This work can be done at home, no need to go anywhere.

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