Bhavnagar is the fifth largest city in the state of Gujarat. Bhavnagar has 28.8 lakh population right now. And it is a city spread over 108.3 km². Bhavnagar City is about to become the BEST Business City during the next 5 years. And at present, small businesses in Bhavnagar have started to grow. And for the small business, Bhavnagar is a good city right now. Because this city is now more scop for small business in the proportion of population. Know about new 10 small business for Bhavnagar.

top 10 Business ideas for Gujarat
Small business ideas for Gujarat

Best 10 small business ideas list for bhavnagar

1. Digital Marketing Agency 

2. Softy Ice cream 

3. Cyber Cafe

4. Fast food Cafe

5. Online Selling Businesses

6. Garba Class

7. Solar Power Plant

8. E-commerce Business

9. Car driving school

10. Insurance agent

1. Digital Marketing Agency 
Digital marketing is increasing drastically in today's era and by 2022 most people will be coming towards digital marketing.

Because almost people are on social media so any company or firm or any organization can advertise their business in less budget to major society.

You can earn money according to your skill.

To start, read How to start a digital marketing.

#2. Softy Ice Cream
This is a softy ice cream machine. This business has a 75% profit and the investment is normal.

In Bhavnagar, this business can be a good opportunity for earning because recently very few machines are available there in the city so there is good scope in this due to increase in heat level these days  people are looking for the chilled products and this can be a good way to make more money.

To start, read 
How to start a softy ice cream business. 

#3. Cyber ​​Cafe
Cyber cafe is now becoming a necessity of life and this business can give you nearly 70% profit. And here you need to invest to start this business. This is a kind of business which is requirement of today’s generation. Because students needs to use computer and internet and in proportion to the people who do not have a computer, they have compulsion to go to the cyber cafe.

To start, read 
How to start a cyber cafe business. 

#4. Fast food cafe
This is a business that always aims at the top number. As the growth of public is at peak level and there are many scopes for this business in this city. you can research in the market in your cities and start at your place too. This business has 60% profit. And there is also a normal investment. But the point of keeping in mind is that you should also take into account the quality of food with quantity.

To start, read 
How to start a fast food cafe. 

#5. Online Selling Businesses
Only 20% of the public in the city are aware of the online selling business, others do not even know.

In this business you can earn 70000/- to 100000/- Rs And you can earn more than that.

This business is increasing day by day. And there is a lot of stuff in business. If you are willing to do, then research what you should do 
online selling business and start.

#6. Garba Class
This business of teaching garba is trending these days. This is a hobby of Gujarati people and the Garba of Gujarat is very famous in the whole world. This is traditional dance of Gujarat.

this could earn you up to 90% profit. There is no need for larger investments. Just rent a hall and you can start a Garba class. You can keep a trainer.

People are doing Garba for Navratri, wedding sand also as an exercising during the day and those people are looking for
Garba class.

Find Garba class near me and know about it in details and start this stuff.

To start, read 
How to start a garba class.

#7. Solar Panel

The demand for solar panel business has always increased, due to increasing demand of electricity this way of generating electrical power by solar panel at home is increasing day by day so that electricity bills can be reduced. People are fixing the panels on their rooftop and gaining electricity.

The government also provides subsidy for fixing this panel. If you refer anyone for solar panel and if they fix the mechanism you can earn good amount of money with
no investment.

Find Solar power panel near me and know about full details and start this commission business andearn unlimited money.

To start, read How to start a solar panel business.

#8. E-commerce Business
E-commerce is a platform on which you can sell your product worldwide.

For this, you can create a store on website of your own and sell your products such as Jewelry, Electronics items, clothing items [kurtis, saris, clothes] etc ..

You can earn unlimited money by bringing your own store online using simple skills.

For more info on getting started, read this articles 

#9. Car driving school
At present people are increasingly enjoying the luxury and the people have started bringing it to the States right now. And ladies are starting to drive even more these days, car driving school is the best business.

there is investment required to start this business and you need to apply for the driving school license too. This business can earn you up to 57% profit. And if you provide licenses and other services, you can have profit up to 50%.

Find Car driving school near me and know about full details and start this training school.

To start, read 
How to start a car driving school.

#10. Insurance agent
In this modern day technology, as well as health issues are increasing due to various reasons.

The cases of accidents are increasing and becoming worse foe people. If you consider all these reasons there is requirement of mediclaim  and other health insurance to everyone, so this insurance provider companies could earn you a good amount if you are willing to do.

Insurance earns up to 15% to 30% of commissions.

If you want to be an insurance agent and know about this process then read 
this complete guide.

If you apply anyone from these business ideas which are shown above  then you can earn. Because these are the ideas given according to the current market scenario. These top 10 small business ideas are great way to start entrepreneurship. If you have any questions you can contact us.