10 tips on how you can start your own clothing line

What is up, everyone?  Today, I just wanna go over 10 tips on how you guys can start your own clothing line off right. A lot of people start a clothing line but they don’t really knowhow to run a clothing line or even start it off correctly because there is such thing as starting a clothing line off and you’re doing it all wrong and it can lead to the destruction of the clothing line very early. So I’m here to give you guys those 10 tips and hopefully they help you guys out. Just a little background about myself.

10 tips on how you can start your own clothing line


If you guys don’t know what you’re starting then how are you gonna start it successfully?

I actually own two different clothing lines. I own one called Vessel Craft Co. and one called Strange Hearts. I made a lot of mistakes and through those mistakes, I learned a lot of different things and I think they helped me out. So I do plan on starting another clothing line using those tips that I’m gonna be showing you guys today. So basically, you guys are learning off of my bad judgment and my mistakes and it’s a good thing because now you guys can do it successfully and start it off right. Tip number one, don’t rush. Brainstorm before you start.

10 Tips for Clothing Line Business

1) Know what brand you wanna start.

  • Think about the background of the brand.
  • What’s the brand all about?
  • What’s the name?
  • Come up with ideas, write them on a piece of paper.

Don’t just rush it because it’s gonna lead as I said to the destruction of the brand and that’s never a good thing. So just brainstorm and think about what you’re gonna do before you actually start doing it.

2) Start online guys :

Don’t worry about starting your own storefront. A lot of people wanna just start a storefront because it sounds cool and they get this loan and they try to do it but then they kinda learn quickly that nobody knows about their brand so nobody wants to buy their brand. So I would definitely recommend starting off with just an online e-commerce site. It’s the easiest way to do it and you could put all your clothing on there and people can buy it straight from online and you don’t have to worry about the huge overhead that you have opening up your own building. Online, you can run an e-commerce site for dollars a month so it’s really not that hard and I would definitely recommend that starting out.

3) Do some research :

guys. Research what you’re gonna be, what your audience is gonna be, research where you’re gonna print, research what kinda clothing you’re gonna print on. What styles are you gonna print on? Is it gonna be the cheap fabric to start off? Are you gonna start off with more expensive fabric? That’s all things that need to be considered, guys because you’re not gonna have a successful clothing line if you don’t even know what material you’re gonna be printing on. You have to know about the brand completely first before you start it. So to give you guys an example, when I first started off, I started off printing on really heavy, basically ugly shirts that when you washed ’em once, the ink would look kinda weird and the material itself would wash weird and it would always bewrinkle when you wear it and it was just really ugly and I learned quickly that I should have done more research before printing on those particular shirts and I quickly learned that there was another material out there that was just as cheap that looked better. Alright, guys,

4) Be financially prepared :

A lot of people just wanna start printing and they’re not really sure what they’re printing so they’re just blowing all this money and it’s not really all about just what you’re printing. It’s about what’s gonna make you, what’s gonna be the best thing to print first so being financially prepared goes into a lot of different, it goes into a lot of different things but what I really mean by that is if you’re gonna run a clothing line, be financially prepared for what you wanna do and that goes back to brainstorming and researching. After you’re done researching what print shops you wanna print-through, the material you wanna use and the overhead cost and everything like that and then you find out how to gets the name situated, basically, know that you can afford all that before you do it and that really what it comes down to. So there’s gonna be a trip coming up that’s gonna run into that a little bit more but basically, if you’re gonna start posting online about the brand, be prepared to print the brand or else people are not gonna take you seriously.

5) Basically quality versus quantity :

You wanna print quality, guys. You don’t wanna print quantity because if you’re printing quantity, that just means you’re blowing a bunch of money and if the quality’s not there then nobody’s gonna want it anyway. You’re gonna get some bad reviews and it’s gonna be all downhill from there. So what I recommend doing is printing quality before you print quantity. Know what you’re gonna be printing. Know the quality of what you’re printing and get some feedback before you just print a bunch of ’em because it’s just gonna be a waste of time in the end. Alright, guys,

6) Know your profit margins and total costs:

So what this really means is you wanna know what your shirts are gonna actually cost so that goes into the research you’re gonna be doing at the beginning. So if you’re gonna be looking into print shops and you know that they charge you $6 a shirt, price your shirts off that cost. I mean, if it’s $6 a shirt, think about what you need to be charging to make up your overhead. I mean, if you have to pay for the online website, you have to pay for the packaging, labeling and everything like that, think about all those costs and put that into your main price because at the end, if you’re not charging enough for your shirts, you’re not gonna make that money back and you’re basically running a business that’s free. You don’t want that. You wanna be able to put the money back into the business and run a successful business with some profit left over so you can put it back into the business.

7) Be social :

Build some hype up, guys. So being social goes into a lot of different aspects. It’s not literally just online social media stuff. That’s not what I mean. You can literally be social just by passing out business cards at your local bar or wherever you guys hang out. If you’re in high school, for instance, go pass out some cards saying, here, check out my brand. I have a shirt on right now. Maybe you’re wearing a shirt that day. Show ’em what the shirt looks like and let ’em feel the fabric. Build some hype on that brand and let ’em know a little story behind the brand if you developed one and tell ’em the name. I mean, it’s just marketing the brand, guys. You have to get your name out there before people wanna buy it and a big place that I started on was Instagram because Instagram is super easy. All you do is post photos and you follow people and they follow you back and they like your photos and you could tag people. You can use hashtags to be found on Instagram. So there’s a lot of different ways you could be found on Instagram and there’s a lot of different ways you can market your brand outside of Instagram or outside of any other social media platform. So think of clever ways you can market your brand and just do it. Don’t think about it, just do it because I promise you, the moment you start thinking about it, it’s not gonna happen, guys and I’ve done that a lot. Just do it. – Do it. Just do it. – Get your butt off the couch and go market your brand, socialize with people on social media websites and I promise you, people are gonna get interested. Build that hype. Alright, guys, so moving on to tip number eight.

8) Pre Sale :

Tip number eight is pre-sale and the reason why I wanted to mention pre-sale is that it’s a great way to see what kinda interest people have for your brand. So you could put a shirt up and if somebody buys it, it kinda shows you that people are interested in that particular design and now that you’re financially stable, it’s a great opportunity for you to get some sales and only print what people buy. So you could save some money and put the money elsewhere.

9) About Business Partner :

Avoid involving business partners unless you already know ‘like they’re your best friend or maybe your girlfriend or somebody you’ve known for a very long time and the reason why I say this is because it’s easy to get caught up in trying to find a business partner because they might have a little bit more money than you. I promise you, you don really need a business partner. Worry about building the brand up first before you start involving other people and that was my cats fighting. Okay, last but not least,

10) Save your profits :

This is the most important tip that I can give you guys today. If you’re not saving your profits off your shirt sales, you’re literally killing your business super fast and that’s never a good thing. You need to save the profits you make off your shirt sales and put it right back into the business because that’s how the business is gonna last and grow. That’s all for today, guys. Those are 10 tips on how you guys can start your own clothing line successfully.

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